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Behind The Brand: Blaine Bowen

Behind The Brand: Blaine Bowen

Blaine Bowen all started as a game day lifestyle brand for fun while Blaine attended the University of Kansas. While in school, she noticed the college girls were no longer wearing basic university t-shirts, so she decided to start cutting tees into dresses, making off shoulder tops from basics, and school themed accessories and outfits. Not to long after, she had friends and family constantly reaching out for more gifts, new graphic t-shirts, and much more. She decided this was the time for her to make Blaine Bowen a full time thing!

Blaine's funny humor and sarcasm came a main foundation for her graphic tees. Many of them come from the sarcastic remarks she has said to people on a daily basis or inspired by her many travels. The graphic tees can be seen with funny remarks such as "Don't be a prick" while on a cactus or a simple writing of Dear Adulthood, Unsubscribe. Not only can Blaine's tees be funny and make us laugh, she also has worked with important foundations and giving back. A recent graphic tee giving back to breast cancer society while having two big pink hearts right on the chest. Her proceeds had gone back and donated to breast cancer awareness. Many of her t-shirts and jewelry has been seen all over the world, well known bloggers and celebrities such as The Salty Blonde, Savannah Chrisley, Catherine Giudici, Meghan Markle and many more have been seen wearing and loving her amazing designs!


Blaine says "The Blaine Bowen girl is" .... a playful spirit, who sometimes may not have a direction, but she takes a step anyways.  She lives in the moment...just fine with not knowing where she’s going; a laid-back dreamer who falls in love with everything and thrives on spontaneity.  She’s got a love for seeing the world, other cultures and experiencing new things.  She’s a determined protector of the environment, and all creatures, big and small.  She's a carefree-doer who makes the best out of every moment, but is always in search of her next adventure.