Behind the Brand: Fashionable

Posted on 13 September 2018


While living in Ethiopia, Barrett Ward saw firsthand how extreme poverty forced young women, generation after generation, to resort to prostitution as a means of supporting themselves and their families.

The goal was to provide an alternative that would give these women an opportunity to earn a living, empowering them to end the cycle of poverty that kept them trapped. Armed with multiple studies illustrating how the employment of women benefits and strengthens the entire community, the ABLE team set out on a mission to end generational poverty, one job at a time.

Because of your support, ABLE has grown from producing a single collection of hand-woven scarves to a one-stop shop for ethical fashion, offering leather goods, handmade jewelry, denim, clothing and footwear. Whether your purchase is produced in Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, or at our headquarters in Nashville, TN, each item has one thing in common: because it is made by women, it is leading all of us a step closer to the end of generational poverty.

With your help, they are working each day to give opportunity to women in a safe and healthy environment and encouraging our peers to do the same. At ABLE, they work with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. We manufacture directly in the communities we wish to impact, both locally and globally, creating jobs and ending the cycle of charity dependency. Through your purchase, you are ABLE to empower women and give them a job with dignity.

Fashionable's goal; We want to build a better world for the next generation- one with less poverty and more equality, where less people are sick, and where more children go to school.



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