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Summer Clothes & Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

Summer Clothes & Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

Now that fashion week is behind us, now it is the time to start discerning and dissecting which trends will have the most impact on spring and summer 2020. After all, those who are fashion addicts are impatient- most people want to be on it before it happens! We’re not going to hold out all the way until spring to jump on some of the hottest new styles that’s been popping up on the runways. Here at The Wander Shop, we want to share with you the latest trends so that you're in the loop with what the fashion It girls are wearing right now. While bra tops, hot pants, crochet, and ‘90s naked dresses had a looming presence on the spring runways (and will continue to stay as temperatures climb), the trends below are styles that we can easily add to our wish lists. Read on to learn more about the summer clothes that will be most popular coming up in 2020. If you’re looking for “boutiques near me” in Fort Lauderdale, contact The Wander Shop today for your fashion needs!

What You Should Look For This Summer

From ‘60s wallpaper prints to heeled loafers, there are plenty of trends coming up in spring and summer 2020 to look through and purchase right now. 

  • Colorful leather- Leather has been a top choice throughout winter, and now continues its popularity into spring with designers proving that the trending material is a versatile fabric that will stay on the streets in the warmer months. The supple material was spotted all throughout fashion week with all different hues from dark maroon to cream in the form of matching skirts and tops, maxi dresses, and coats.
  • Waistcoats- This menswear classic was all over the spring runways, whether worn as part of a three-piece suit, mismatched with a jacket, or just thrown over a white blouse and skirt. They add a dapper and flattering touch to every look, and make for a great addition to your fall wardrobe by providing an extra layer of warmth and polish to your work suit.

Trends For Summer Clothes To Watch Out For

  • Bermuda Shorts- Hot pants are everywhere, but longer Bermuda shorts make for its counterpart on the spring runways, from Bottega Veneta to Givenchy. 
  • Heeled Loafers- This spring, loafers are back! Heeled loafers are back in a big way in more cool mixed textures, and can be worn with tights throughout fall and winter. 
  • Polka Dots- From Gucci to Carolina Herrera to Marc Jacobs to Balenciaga, designers have given a ringing endorsement to polka dots for warmer weather. Go for a minidress, maxi skirt, or tailored trousers. 
  • Retro Prints- All the “boutiques near me” will be carrying retro prints this spring and summer. With so many  dresses rocking oversize florals and psychedelic colors, ‘60s and ‘70s prints are back in full force for the warmer weather. 

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There are plenty of spring and summer trends to get on top of this season! If you’re looking for “boutiques near me” in Fort Lauderdale to get your summer clothes, contact The Wander Shop today!