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Our Favorite Sweaters for Women - Sweater Weather Is Coming

Our Favorite Sweaters for Women - Sweater Weather Is Coming

When you live in sunny Florida, Summer can almost seem year-long. Now that we’re knee deep in autumn, though, the occasional chilly weather will make its way into our forecast, especially at night. Fall and Winter lovers celebrate because now is the best time to break out your sweaters and scarves and make these chilly days fashionable. Every year, it’s also a great idea to update your wardrobe with some new, fresh pieces to keep your style feeling new, fun, and modern. Here at The Wonder Shop in Fort Lauderdale, we have our fair share of sweaters to choose from, and we also have some great tips for how sweaters for women should be styled. After you learn them, you might just be searching for boutiques near me afterward.

Styles for Sweater Weather

There are many different kinds of sweaters, and each one has a different aesthetic and ability to contribute to your outfit in different ways. If you have a kind of look or style in mind that you want to achieve this Fall and Winter, we can help you figure out what kind of sweaters will complement this in the best ways possible. Here’s the rundown:

  • Pullover
    • This is the classic sweater able to work with many different outfits. For the girls looking to keep it simple, these are easily wearable for any occasion, though not without some options to add a touch of detail. V necks can be a great option to up the drama, and sweaters with details like sequins for embroidery can act like accessories.
  • Turtleneck
    • Turtlenecks feature high, fitted necks that reach to about 1-2 inches below the chin. These can offer a sleek look without much effort, and give you an energy of sophistication. You can layer them for more dimension. Try out a classy turtleneck with a slip dress for a unique vibe.
  • Mockneck/Cowlneck
    • These options are both similar to the turtleneck, but the neck pieces are less fitted and give you more room to breathe. The mockneck is more chic than the turtleneck but with a tad less sophistication. They can be used similarly for other purposes. The Cowlneck takes a 180 and aims to be more fun, cute, and whimsical. The loose neck material can help give the illusion of a scarf in weather not quite chilly enough for one as well.
  • Cardigan
    • A lightweight cardigan is easy to create stylish layered looks for many different outfits. Unbuttoned, the cardigan can create dynamic contrasts with colors and patterns to suit all kinds of different events or styles. By closing the buttons, you can use the fabric of your shirt underneath as more of an accent to your outfit. In any circumstances, the ability to remove the cardigan can let you adapt when inside warmer areas.
  • Poncho
    • Ponchos are fun statement pieces that can show off your personality. Some can be more simple while others can feature other options, like pockets. Tassels and other adornments can also come off the fabric at the bottom of the poncho for added flair. Many can be found sleeveless, which can be perfect for these Florida evenings that aren’t quite as cold as other parts of the country.

Finding Boutiques Near Me for Sweaters for Women

Updating and upgrading your closet with new sweaters for women this Fall is a great choice to end this year in style. The Fort Lauderdale area can certainly we warmer than the typical Autumn and Winter months, but the nights can especially bring about an unexpected chill. The Wonder Shop is a fantastic option to find some stylish sweaters, so if you’re looking for boutiques near me, contact us or check out our stock the next time you’re out and about.

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