Posted on 26 February 2017

This month's featured artist hails from South Florida but now calls New York City her home. We are really excited to collab with  jewelry designer and owner of Lovely Sunday, Alyssa Thomann. Her love of nature as well as the urban and suburban life is exhibited throughout her unique jewelry designs. "Living in New York City, I get a taste for all sorts of fashion and trends, inspiring a lot of my work to feel modern & edgy," said Thomann. Discover more about Alyssa Thomann of Lovely Sunday as we take a closer look into our featured collab.

 Alyssa Thomann, Lovely Sunday

Alyssa and her boyfriend began chatting about their life dreams and aspirations over drinks one weekend. The idea of jump-starting her own jewelry line came into fruition after their discussion. She's always had ideas floating around in her head, but then she was ready to try it out. The following day, Lovely Sunday, became a business and she ordered the supplies needed to get started. Today she is beyond thrilled that her dream became a hobby and a business for her to express her unique designs for the trend-setting society we live in today. 

Q & A with Alyssa

What is your favorite piece you have available right now? And why?

This is a tough one! I am currently obsessed with my Dressed in Lace Choker & Flower Bolo Tie, but I’d have to say my all time favorite is the Triangle Hangs piece. It was the very first piece I ever dreamt up and the first piece I ever created for Lovely Sunday. It’s so unique, yet simple and just goes with everything!

Triangle Hangs Necklace

Where is your favorite place to wander? Whether it be your dream destination, your favorite trip, your local park, or your workshop, we want to know where you roam.

This April, I spent two weeks in Japan with my boyfriend – my ultimate dream vacation. It was the absolute most amazing place I have been to in my 26 years on Earth and I recommend everyone visit one day. The culture, the people, the scenery, EVERYTHING, was just an inspiration. I came back more dedicated, ambitious and inspired than ever. 

Lovely Sunday is now available on board the Airstream, limited quanities available! Stop by and pick up a unique piece made by the lovely Alyssa Thomann. Follow Lovely Sunday on Instagram and Facebook!

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