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How to Find The Perfect Pair of Womens Jeans For Your Body

How to Find The Perfect Pair of Womens Jeans For Your Body

Are you looking for the perfect pair of womens jeans that are sure to get your body looking its absolute best? Have you tried on several pairs, but none of them seem to be working in your favor? Here at The Wander Shop, our fashion experts are here to make sure you have all the information you need to choose the perfect pair of jeans that match your body. Our shop is conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale. 

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  • If You're Tall
    • While long legs look great in shorts, the number one issue tall girls sometimes face is finding denim that doesn't leave their ankles exposed. Any skinny jean is going to make your long legs look phenomenal. Try to find companies that cater to leggy ladies and keep an eye out for the brands that offer extra-long styles—or make cropped jeans your new go-to and show off those boutique shoes!
  • If You're Petite
    • While finding jeans that fit your frame may be easy when you're petite, which jeans will make you look cute and a little taller? Your best bet is to look for cropped-style jeans in dark washes, as these will make your legs look longer. Additionally, choose high-waisted denim that will elongate your silhouette. Pro tip: add some heels too really give yourself some height.
  • If You're Plus-Size
    • The plus-size fashion industry is growing, but the selection in many stores can still be limited, if not outright unavailable. So how can a curvy lady find the perfect jeans? The key is to look for the right cut and color: mid-rise or high-rise jeans will accentuate your curves, and dark washes will make you look slimmer all around. Also, if you can find cute jeans with some stretch, you'll experience both style and comfort.
  • Torso Length
    • Of course, the mystery of finding the ideal denim isn't all about your height or weight. It's also important to understand your body shape—and which jeans will accentuate your best assets. For example, consider the length of your torso; if it's long, you'll look wonderful in high-waisted jeans, but if it's on the shorter side you'll be better suited to hip-hugging styles.
  • Thick Thighs
    • If you've got thicker, muscular thighs—firstly, we're jealous—the challenge you'll face is finding cute jeans that fit your waist comfortably and have room for your gams. Which styles should you wear? Anything with a wide leg: flared jeans, boyfriend jeans, you get the picture. If you really want to sport a skinny style once in a while, look for denim that stretches.
  • The Curve Factor
    • The best jeans for any woman are the ones that highlight her curves, but that can look different for each woman. If you are very curvy, high-waisted jeans are your best friend—even better if they're flared to balance out your booty. If you're more rectangle-shaped, enhance your assets by wearing cute jeans with extra-large back pockets.
  • No Boutiques Near Me?
    • Not everyone lives in the center of a bustling metropolis. For the ladies in areas with less accessibility in the cuts and styles they need, remember that online shopping is your friend. Be sure to get your measurements before you start adding to your cart though, as you won’t be able to try on those jeans beforehand.

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