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Women's Winter Coats & Our Guide to Winter Colors

Women's Winter Coats & Our Guide to Winter Colors

Winter’s a fairly foreign concept here in Fort Lauderdale, but February is no stranger to having a few chilly days and several chilly nights. Looking to go out for a celebration on the weekends, or enjoy a late-night stroll by the beach? If so, ladies, you’ll want to look into some women’s winter coats to keep you warm on those breezy days. When searching for boutiques in Fort Lauderdale, we at The Wander Shop are a fantastic choice for choosing style and comfort. Let us give you our guide to the perfect winter colors for light coats and sweaters to endure the rest of our winter.

Wander Shop’s Guide to Winter Colors

Are you ready to upgrade your winter wardrobe for some potentially chilly days? If so, you’ll want to pick the right colors to fit the season, and luckily, we can give you the scoop on the best ones.

  • Burgundy
    • If you want something to warm up a cold day, go with burgundy. This deep red is robust and romantic, perfect for the rest of February!
  • Mustard
    • Yellow is an underrated hue. It’s bright and bold in many shades, and the deeper shade of mustard matures that look with a layer of sophistication that’s perfect for winter.
  • Forest Green
    • Mid-to-late March is where winter becomes spring, but it can still be chilly on some days and nights. This is the perfect time to break out a forest green sweater to showcase this time with the color of evergreens.
  • Teal
    • Did you know teal was one of the most popular runway colors this season? This well-loved color is unique and eye-catching without being loud. It’s a color everyone should have in their wardrobe, and the flexibility of choosing shades that are more blue or green give you an opportunity to share your personality. What teal are you?
  • Navy
    • Navy is a classic, deep blue that has you embracing the winter vibe. It’s the perfect color for a timeless look. You can dress it up with grey slacks or make it casual with light wash jeans.
  • Plum
    • Fun fact: purple is statistically the favorite color of most women, and it’s easy to see why. It’s elegant, but strong, and a warm, plum shade can look absolutely stunning.

Why Buy Women’s Winter Coats?

Florida isn’t known for being super cold in winter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy winter coats. First of all, if a cold front blows in between January and March, you could see days as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s pretty chilly, and many Florida residents aren’t properly prepared in their closet. It’s a good idea to always have a few wintery options hanging in your closes for those just-in-case days, but you also want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends so you look hot enough to melt those cold days. Then you also have to consider if you’re planning any spring trips up north. If you head up to a place like New York, or west to San Francisco between now, and even as late as April or May, you could see much cooler weather. Be prepared and show off your Florida fashion no matter where in the world you go!

For Boutiques in Fort Lauderdale, Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in upgrading your wardrobe with women’s winter coats, or even other clothing choices, you now know all the best colors to choose from. Looking for boutiques in Fort Lauderdale to shop for these great colors? The Wander Shop is the choice for you. Contact us today or stop by our store to see our fantastic selection.

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