Posted on 24 February 2017

As we approach the Summer season, we wanted to bring some bikinis on board for you to rock out! We have teamed up with Zannikini, a local bathing suit company based out of Lighthouse Point and Gainesville. We will be featuring Zannikini on board our Airstream at our Grand Opening on Sunday, April 10. Discover more about the Florida based bikini brand as we take a closer look into our featured collab. 



Alexandra Jones, the designer of Zannikini, is naturally a typical bikini addict of South Florida. She was inspired to start designing her own bathing suits when she realized how much money she was spending every year on new bikinis. Her Grandmother taught her how to sew growing up so she got back into the sewing room and began her journey! She wanted to create a bikini line that was posh and affordable. Alexandra says, "I’ve personally worked with many girls to create custom made bikinis and I love it. I love my customers and the way they rock my designs. It’s a rewarding experience."


Alexandra Jones, designer of Zannikini.   
Alexandra Jones, designer of Zannikini


Q&A with Alexandra

 What is your inspiration? What defines your work?

Alexandra: I’m inspired by a variety of fashion designers from Calvin Klein to Gianni Versace. Anytime I see a bold print or style I want to incorporate that into my line. I’ve actually used vintage Versace stretch bands in some of my designs. I am an artist so I love bold patterns and colors that make my swimwear unique but I also believe in simple, effortless style that keeps the focus on the girl in the bikini rather than the bikini itself. I am also inspired by people and places - Tash Oakley, The Olsen Twins, the Raleigh Hotel, Versace Mansion, Wynwood, Art Basel weekend, etc. always make me think of new ideas.



What is your favorite piece you have available right now? And why?

Alexandra: The halter top is amazing. It’s adjustable and simple but it compliments your neckline and your bust without any padding or crazy pushup wiring.It’s something different and trendy but it’s also very comfortable and supportive. I can wear it as a sports bra running down the beach!



Where is your favorite place to wander? Whether it be your dream destination, your favorite trip, your local park, or your workshop, we want to know where you roam.

Alexandra: I have to admit; I love to wander around Miami lately. The city is under much development and something new is opening every weekend. It’s a very global city- many foreigners come to Miami and I feel so cultured just people watching. It might be a little out of some people’s comfort zone but It’s interesting to hear languages and accents from all over the world and take in their style. There is so much culture in Miami from art, music, food, fashion, interior design, and lifestyle. It’s amazing feeling so many parts of the world in a city that’s 45 minutes away from my hometown. Wynwood is notorious for the murals on the walls. But it’s also a fun area to wander around and explore new shops, little coffee cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. 



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