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Disco Bottle Opener

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Get ready to boogie down and feel the disco fever with our groovy Disco Bottle Opener. The mirrored surface reflects light in a dazzling display, just like a real disco ball! Get ready to keep the party vibes all night long! Uniquely Handcrafted: Our Disco Bottle Opener dazzles with individually placed mirror tiles. While minor imperfections, such as occasional gaps between the tiles may happen, the Disco Bottle Opener is still nothing short of a show stopper! -This Disco Bottle Opener is perfect for any party or event, including birthday and bachelorette. -It is made of stainless steal and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. -The bottle opener is easy to use and can open any size bottle with ease. -The Disco Bottle Opener is a must-have for any partygoer or bar enthusiast. -Great Mother's Day gift!